Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the requirements for generating a blog from a URL?

A. The URL containing the media has to be downloadable and for public use so that Blogify can read the content.

Q. What are the requirements for generating a blog from doc/short description/audio file?

A. The media being used has to be under 30MB for public use so that Blogify can read the content.

Q. Can the blog be edited after generation and before publishing?

A. Yes and the option to publish after reviewing is also available.

Q. Are the blogs SEO optimized?

A. Blogify integrates advanced SEO tools that delve beyond mere keyword insertion, optimizing your content by understanding search engine algorithms to enhance organic reach and ensure your valuable insights stand out on the web.

Q. Unable to add affiliate links and/or affiliate links not functioning properly.

A. The affiliate link integration feature is currently in its BETA phase and shall be fully released by December, 2023.

Q. Where to ask for a refund or file a billing issue?

A. For any billing and/or refund issues, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Billing issue”/”Refund”.

Q. Not able to link Wordpress accounts.

A. We are currently working on a plugin, and it will take some time to complete. With this plugin, you will be able to connect to Alternatively, you can easily copy and paste both the text and HTML versions of your blog with a simple one-click process.

Q. Unable to connect to the YouTube channel.

A. Waiting for Google's permission for the integration and should be available anytime soon.

Q. How to delete a blog?

A. Go to the Blogs section > click on View Details of the desired blog > select Delete Blog under the Blog Activity and Actions.

Q. Can a media with a different language other than English be translated to English or any other language?

A. Blogify currently offers 75 different languages and the media can be converted to and from the languages offered.

Q. Can the blogs be scheduled to post at a different time?

A. Yes, the option to publish later at a scheduled time is available.

Q. How are the credits replenished?

A. The credits are replenished monthly, every 1st of the month.

Q. Does Blogify work with any other web builders other than WordPress and Blogger?

A. We're working on adding other options but for now, the blogs can be copy-pasted or use the HTML code.

Q. Where can sample blogs made by Blogify be found?

A. Visit to view blogs created by Blogify.

Q. Where are the features of Blogify discussed in detail?

A. Visit to learn about the features of Blogify in detail and a lot more.

Q. Is there a team access feature available?

A. Currently, no but our team is relentlessly working on it around the clock.

Q. Does Blogify get a percentage of the commissions earned through affiliate links?

A. Yes, Blogify gets 20% out of the whole.