Frequently Asked Questions (Pricing)

Q. How does Blogify work?

A. Blogify allows users to create blogs from audio, video, and text inputs to an SEO-optimized Blog. Blogify uses Multiple Large Language Models (LLM) and on top of it, Blogify uses its custom model to generate content. Blogify also blends these contents with our algorithm for content stitching and every blog post has to pass 10 stages before you get the final output. All within a few seconds/minutes.

Q. How does the Audio/Video/Podcast Monthly Credit work?

A. Each month, users receive a certain number of credits based on the plan to convert audio and video content into blog posts. 10 Credits = 1 Blog from Media (Audio, Video) and 5 Credits = 1 Blog from Text (PDF, Doc)

Q. Can I create blogs from Text/PDF/Doc files?

A. Yes, our service supports the creation of blogs directly from text, PDF, and Doc files. Monthly credits are also applicable for this feature.

Q. What are Total Credits?

A. Total Credits refer to the cumulative number of credits you have in a month, which can be used across various services like audio/video conversion, text file conversions, etc. Your credits reset every month. So, make sure you use them all :)

Q. How can I upload files to create blogs?

A. Files can be uploaded directly through our platform's interface, allowing for easy conversion into blog posts.

Q. What is Co-Pilot blog creation?

A. Co-Pilot blog creation is a guided process that assists you in creating blogs, providing suggestions and improvements as you write. We have 2 options to create Blogs, for the first one we call Autopilot, you simply give us the video link or Title/Short Description, and Your Blog will be ready, On the other hand, in Co-Pilot, you will get more control over your content, You can select Blog outline, Eidt Title, Heading, Sub-Headings, etc. Then based on set rules we will create the final Blog for you.

Q. Is there YouTube channel integration?

A. Yes, our service integrates with YouTube, allowing you to easily convert YouTube content into blog posts.

Q. Are the blogs SEO-optimized and unique?

A. All blogs created through our platform are SEO optimized and designed to be unique, enhancing online visibility.

Q. Can I create blogs in multiple languages?

A. Our service supports blog creation in over 150+ languages, offering a wide range of linguistic options.

Q. How can I track my blog's performance?

A. We provide analytics on blog views and clicks, giving you insights into your blog’s performance.

Q. What is the average word count per blog?

A. The word count varies based on your requirements; however, we have options to set preferred word counts.

Q. Can I earn commission from automated affiliate links?

A. Yes, in the Beta version, you can earn commissions through automated affiliate links embedded in your blogs But we recommend not to use it for now, it’s still in Beta, and we are working hard to make it live soon, This will take some time.

Q. How does scheduling blog posts work?

A. You can schedule your blog posts to be published on platforms like WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn, and Twitter directly through our service.

Q. What is the Fair Uses Policy for the unlimited plans?

A. You can use up to 5000 Credits/month. Use it anyhow you want, 10 Credits = 1 Blog from Media and 5 Credits = 1 Blog from Text

Q. What kind of customer support is available?

A. We offer round-the-clock email and chat support to assist with any queries or issues you might have.